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Waterproof Silk Screen Color Separation Film for Epson, Canon and hp Printers

Developed specifically for silk screen print industry (waterproof silk screen positive film for color separation

Fixxons has been the leading color separation film manufacturer since 2001.
We started off supplying all the major suppliers and now sell directly to you, the consumer.
We have provided the same consistent Grade A film for over 15 years.
Our film is manufactured to the highest industry standards.

Product Highlights

Waterproof Inkjet Positive Film is designed for silk screen industry.
Screen printers desiring to use their inkjet printer for imaging color separations.
Its special microporous top coating provides the clearest condition of the film.

  • Microporous waterproof coating technology

  • Waterproof and dries fast for Epson k3/dye/pigment inks

  • Highest color gamut available for accurate color reproduction.

  • Create Halftone screens and line art with clarity

  • Excellent film density for creating screens.

  • Anti-Curl back coating.

  • 5 Mil thickness provides better handling than any other brands.

  • Works with epson/hp/canon printers, Dye/Pigment and k3 Inks.

  • Direct output from Photoshop/ Illustrator with original Epson/Canon/hp profiles.

Screen printing screen, press, inks and squeegee featuring Fixxons Film name

Waterproof and Dries Fast for

Epson. Canon. hp Printers

This Microjet Waterproof Inkjet Positive Film is engineered to give you the highest resolution and color saturation possible.
Its medium weight combined with a wide color gamut makes this the perfect choice for color separations applications.

Our products are backed by Fixxons 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our product,
simply return the unused portion and we'll send your money back !         No questions asked !

100% Cotton Canvas for Epson. Canon. HP. Dye and Pigment Inks

Detailed photo of Fixxons Canvas showcasing texture, color and detail quality

Looking for photo paper quality detail on canvas?   
We have it!   You will be satisfied with the results

Crystal Clear Film for Eco-Solvent. Latex and Resin Inks

Multi Purpose for Silk Screen Positive Film - Negative Film
Backlit Film - Graphic Art Film

Alternative photo printing print using Fixxons Digital Negative Film showing tonal range, detail and quality

Digital Negative Contact Film For Platinum. Palladium. Carbon. Gold. Gum bichromate. Cyanotype. Selenium.

Capitvating landscape photo created with our premium SilverX film using silver contact printing, ideal for photographers

SilverX is for anyone wanting to make black and white silver prints, without the hassles of traditional projected negatives

Sample print of Unistick showcasing detail and color quality

Aluminum Car door signage, car window and car bumper decal sticker
and Mess Free !

Ore Crystal Clear Film for Professional Photographers

Sample wedding print of ORE Crystal Clear Film showcasing detail and color quality

Ore Crystal Clear Film is a specialty film for photos Finish.
Super glossy finish that gives your product a glass-like finish

Ultra Premium Photo Paper (RC paper base) for Aqueous Ink

A fine art reproduction print using Fixxons Ultra Premium Photo Paper that highlights the detail, vivid color and quality.

11mil thickness/280g.   glossy and Luster
RC paper base for actual photo prints.

Fixxons Negative Film for Photopolymer Plates

A digital negative print using Fixxons Digital Negative for Photopolymer Plates, highlighting the dense black ink and details

This negative film engineered for photo polymer plate printing gives you the highest resolution. Excellent density and 5 Mil and 7 mil thickness.

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