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Film Output Service for Emergency or Bulk

We can print any size film from up to 60" width by any length up to 100'.  Our film service is primarily recommended for making screens for apparel, flat stock, or tapestry printing but can be used for other applications such as stamp making.

Due to time constraints and varying expectations when it comes to file mark up and resizing art work we will no longer accommodate these requests. All files MUST be at sized and any registration or film mark-ups must be included with the file if required.  Thanks for understanding.

Required Specs: 

If you'll be providing us a separated file we require it to be sent in one of the following formats:

  • The files must be separated and RIP ready with any fonts outlined, registration marks added if needed and sized to the final output size. We do not resize the files or add any file mark ups, registration marks or color info. If you need any separations or additional work performed on your files please contact us for a quote. 

  • Adobe Illustrator (ai, eps or pdf) Image must be to final output size. Each color must be a spot color or 100% black. Any CMYK or RGB colors will print as halftones.

  • Adobe Photoshop (psd, dcs 2.0, tif) at 200dpi or higher at size, the separated colors must be saved to channels

  • Bitmapped Files will work. Please submit at actual size at 300 dpi or higher

  • We do not accept jpegs or PNG files as the files can be low resolution or the actual output size may change when opened on our system.  

  •  If the image has halftone dots please specify line screen and frequency. We recommend 35 lpi for use with discharge inks, 45 lpi for most applications and 55 or 65 lpi if you need to hold really fine detail. By default we run all spot color half tones at 45 lpi at 52.5 degrees. Other dot sizes and angles available upon request. We recommend using a screen that is 5x the lpi. So a 45-lpi film will require a screen with minimum of 225 mesh.

  • Since the film is being produced on an inkjet printer the lowest font size we recommend would be 8pts.

If you're emergency or bulk print, please contact us

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