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Digital Negative Contact Print Film for Platinum. Palladium. Carbon. Gold. Gum bichromate. Cyanotype. Selenium.

Fixxons waterproof digital negative film is designed for professional photographers.
Its special microporous top coating provides the clearest condition of the film.


​This Fixxons waterproof digital negative film is engineered to give you the highest resolution and tone saturation possible. Its medium weight combined with a wide color gamut makes this the perfect choice for tone separations applications.


Making digital negatives or positive for contact printing.
Fixxons remains the definitive resource for photographers who want to combine the new technologies with classic printing methods.


* Waterproof and dries fast for dye and pigment inks
* No RIP Software needed, Use Default Window Profile
* Produce dense blacks, sharp edges and detailed halftones
* Quick Dry for Epson k3/dye/pigment waterbased inks
* Slight milky appearance from microporous top coat
* Wide  color gamut and accurate color reproduction
* 5 mil thickness provides better handling
* Use default highest photo paper settings


Our products are backed by Fixxons 100% satisfaction guarantee.
If you are not completely satisfied with our product, simply return the unused portion and we'll send your money back !        
No questions asked !

8.5x14 (100 Sheets) Waterproof Digital Negative Film for Contact Printing

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