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Crystal super shine mylar clear film for professional photographers and artists

The Ore Crystal Clear Film is a special topcoat film that amplifies the color richness and crispness of your print. The special topcoat is scratch resistant and provides a clear and super glossy finish that gives your product a lass-like finish. Ore Crystal Clear Film will bring out details and rich deep colors.
The crisp hi-glossy finish and vibrant colors will catch everyone's eyes.
Ore crystal film is very thick, Laminate, Peel and Witness the Difference !


Product Highlights

* Special scratch, water, tear resistant top coated
* When peeled, gives a crystal-like glossy finish
* Enhances color richness and deepens colors
* Clear, high glossy, and durable finish
* Produces a high-end and professional taste
* 275 micron 11mil thickness
* Bring out details! Your print will become super crisp!  


Ore Crystal Clear Film is a specialty film for photos

This Ore Crystal Clear Film is applied to your finished product and will enhance your print even more! Simply laminate your print the same way as cold laminating, peel the protective top film and witness the impactful change!

50x100 Ore Matte Syn Photo Paper for ORE Crystal Clear Film

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