FX100 blockout 11 mil   24” x 50’ Roll     $ 149
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FX100 blockout 11 mil  36” x 50’ Roll      $ 269
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Unistick FX500 Block out Matte 11 Mil for Aqueous inks
FX500 blockout 11 mil  36” x 50’ Roll       $ 269
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Unistick FX100 Block out 11 Mil for Eco-Solvent. Latex.
FX500 blockout 11 mil   24” x 50’ Roll      $ 149
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Unistick is adhesiveless decal sticker for aluminum car door signage. window. car bumper
Unistick is a unique peel and stick adherent that does not rely on magnets or static. Just print, peel and stick!
It can be removed and re-applied hundreds of times; no mess no worries!
Unistick provides an easy peel strong stick and leaves no messy residue behind.
Developed specially for adhesiveless aluminum car door and car bumper signage decal stickers.      
Product Highlights
Just Print, Peel and Stick !
•  Block out (Opaque: natural light cannot pass through).
•  Eco solvent, Aqueous, Latex, UV ink friendly.
•  10 mil thickness and anti-curl back coating.
•  Far superior than magnetic sheets and stickers.
•  Water Resistant, No Glue, No Mess!
•  Aluminum car door and car bumper surface.
•  Works with Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki, Epson Canon, hp Printers.
 Unistick works perfectly on vehicles with aluminum car doors.
•  Unistick can withstand car washes without a problem.
No Mess, No Worries
No messy residue left behind!
Stick them all aluminum car dooors
Car door signage, Car Bumper.
Unistick can handle going through car washes
Car Advertising. Sign age
Apply them on car bumpers
Remove and Re-apply!
Use like a magnetic sheet !
Aluminum Car door signage, car bumper decal sticker and Mess Free !
Its heavy-weight combined with wide color gamut makes this the perfect choice for commercial marketing material.
This UniStick inkjet media is engineered to give you the highest resolution and color saturation possible.
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FX100 blockout 11 mil  50” x 100’ Roll    $ 624
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